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ArtiqAir and Amber Homeware Collaboration

ArtiqAir and Amber Homeware Collaboration: Premium Porcelain Tableware for ArtiqAir Subscribers

ArtiqAir and Amber Homeware Collaboration: Premium Porcelain Tableware for ArtiqAir Subscribers

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We’re thrilled to announce an exciting collaboration between ArtiqAir and Amber Homeware, an affiliate of Amber Porcelain in Malaysia. Be amazed as we unveil the exclusive premium gift set from Amber Homeware, specially curated for ArtiqAir subscribers. Let’s delve into the world of Amber Homeware’s exceptional products and uncover why they are the ideal match for ArtiqAir’s top-notch air conditioning solutions.

About Amber Homeware

Say hello to Amber Homeware, a brand founded by Amber and her family, with close ties to Amber Porcelain, a renowned manufacturer of exquisite porcelain dinnerware. Headquartered in ChaoZhou, China, Amber Porcelain has been crafting breathtaking porcelain art pieces and tableware since 2011. Their unique approach to integrating remarkable works of art into their collections truly sets them apart.

The Beauty of Porcelain

Porcelain, a gem within the ceramic family, has adorned kitchens and dining tables for centuries. It originates from China and’s often affectionately referred to as “China”or “fine China.” The porcelain price reflects its quality, and Amber Porcelain is celebrated for producing the crème de la crème of porcelain products.

Porcelain possesses incredible strength, flexibility, permeability, and translucency, making it a treasure of durability and value. The high heat used during manufacturing adds even more sturdiness and longevity when combined with ceramic tableware.

ArtiqAir and Amber Homeware

Easy Maintenance and Versatility

The smooth, lustrous texture of porcelain adds elegance and makes it a breeze to clean. Simply use water and dish soap to effortlessly remove grease stains, making porcelain the ultimate choice for convenient plating and hassle-free cleanup.

Amber Homeware’s collection stands out for its versatility, offering a range of combinations, colours, forms, and sizes. Whatever the occasion, from formal dinners to casual gatherings, you can explore a myriad of options to complement the theme and ambience of your meal perfectly.

The Perfect Collaboration

The collaboration between ArtiqAir and Amber Homeware is a match made in heaven, combining practicality with elegance to elevate your experience. We’ve handpicked a stunning product from Amber Homeware’s collection for our exclusive premium gift set. We’ve created a seamless blend of exceptional craftsmanship and refined style by combining ArtiqAir’s reliable air conditioning solutions with Amber Homeware’s exquisite porcelain tableware.

Embark on a journey of enhanced air conditioning and dining experiences with the ArtiqAir and Amber Homeware collaboration. Elevate your moments and indulge in the finest quality.

ArtiqAir and Amber Homeware

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(GWP Set Worth: RM 499)

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