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Introducing ArtiqAirWhere “Easy & Breezy” becomes reality.

As a proudly Malaysian brand owned by FujiTrek Sdn Bhd, we’re dedicated to making quality air conditioning accessible to all Malaysians through affordable rental plans and comprehensive servicing, backed by an all-inclusive warranty. Our parent company, Fujiaire, a household name established in 1994, has been producing and exporting quality air conditioning solutions to over 20 countries worldwide. With ArtiqAir, we aim to revolutionize air conditioning ownership, usage, and service quality. Join us in experiencing the future of comfort!


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ArtiqAirHigh Quality Inverter Aircond

MyK-CoilIn-House Chemical Solutions (3G – Good for environment, good for product, good for users)

MySWAT30 Technician Teams in Klang Valley, Johor & Penang

Our Story

At our company, people always come first. We believe in working together as a team, which means sharing ideas and supporting each other. We value communication, respecting each other’s opinions, and helping everyone grow. We’re also Malaysian first, we take pride in being Malaysian and it aligns with our mission to bring the best products and services to Malaysians, making air conditioners accessible to all. As we grow bigger, our focus on teamwork, commitment and supporting each other stays the same. Because when our team does well, we all do well.
Years in the industry
With over 30 years of industry experience, ArtiqAir brings unparalleled expertise and knowledge to every aircond service we provide.
Our team of 130+ dedicated staff members at ArtiqAir work tirelessly to ensure top-quality aircon solutions for our valued customers.
Happy Customers
Join the ranks of over 30,000 satisfied customers who have experienced the exceptional service and comfort provided by ArtiqAir.
Technicians & Installers Nationwide
ArtiqAir boasts a nationwide network of 500+ skilled technicians and installers, ready to deliver top-notch aircond services wherever you are.

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Connect with our telesales team at ArtiqAir for expert guidance and personalized assistance in choosing the perfect aircon solution for your needs.


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Telesales Agent

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