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Staying Comfortable With ArtiqAir: 3 Tips For Individual Who Gets Cold Easily

Enjoy the comfort and coolness of air conditioning even if your body feels cold very easily! Learn 3 wonderful tips from ArtiqAir!

Enjoy the comfort and coolness of air conditioning even if your body feels cold very easily! Learn 3 wonderful tips from ArtiqAir!

Staying Comfortable with ArtiqAir: 3 Tips for Individual Who Gets Cold Easily 

Body gets cold easily but still want to use air conditioning?

The cool air that comes from air conditioning is a comfort that everyone longs for. However, for some individuals who feel cold very quickly, it will be a dilemma whether to use air conditioning or not. Although the body feels hot, but the brain must think of the cold from the air conditioning which eventually causes the body to shiver from the cold. Do not worry if you have experienced something like this. In this article, we will share 3 tips for you to stay comfortable while enjoying the cool air of the air conditioner.

Use Fan Mode Only for Air Conditioning

Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night due to the cold air from the air conditioner before? And finally you need to use a lot of layers of blankets or shirts to reduce the feeling of cold. When using air conditioning, you need to be smart in using the correct setting mode. The correct setting can provide maximum comfort to the user. There are several features on the setting that can help reduce the effects of excessive cold that some individuals experience.

Using the fan only mode setting allows the user to use the fan without turning on the cooling system. Modes like this can be found on ArtiqAir air conditioners that can help air flow but still be in a comfortable temperature and not too cold. By using this feature, you can enjoy refreshing air circulation without leading to a significant drop in temperature.

Use Auto Mode for Air Conditioning

Furthermore, if you don’t want to use fan only mode, you can switch to auto mode. The auto mode on the air conditioner can control the temperature automatically by adjusting the cooling based on the set temperature. This can help prevent the room from getting too cold. This is so because the air conditioner will operate according to the current needs to maintain the set temperature. This mode will work by detecting the temperature changes that occur in the room.

When the temperature rises above the set level, the air conditioner will start working to cool the room until the temperature drops back to the desired level. On the other hand, when the temperature drops too low, the system will rest to prevent the temperature from getting too cold. Auto mode provides comfort to the user by reducing the need to manually control the thermostat or fan. At the same time, it can help to maintain a comfortable temperature without the need to press too many buttons on your air conditioner remote control.

By using an ArtiqAir air conditioner that has an auto mode, individuals who are sensitive to cold temperatures can enjoy comfort without having to worry about the sudden drop in temperature in the room. This makes the experience of using air conditioning easier and more comfortable.

Reduce Your Fan Speed

The next tip is to adjust the fan speed on the air conditioning remote control setting can be an effective solution. This is because fan settings can have a significant impact on air distribution without producing too cold air. When you reduce the fan speed on the air conditioner, it reduces the quantity of air generated. With reduced air production, the room temperature will not drop dramatically due to too cold air caused by the rapidly spinning fan.

Reducing the fan speed allows for better air distribution without putting undue stress on cooling the space. This means the space won’t feel drastically cold, but still gets the comfort of refreshing air circulation. Utilizing the fan settings found on the ArtiqAir air conditioner, you can adjust the fan speed on the air conditioner. This can indirectly help individuals who are sensitive to low temperatures to enjoy the cold air without being too exposed to the cold air.

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