General Information

We are selling the 1.0hp and 1.5hp ArtiqAir Ez Series Inverter Air Conditioner.

Inverter Air Conditioners can save more electricity than a Non-Inverter by utilizing a microprocessor to control and manage the energy output required to get to or maintain a specific temperature. On a Non-Inverter Air Conditioner – the Compressor turns on and off – resulting in a less efficient output, cooling consistency and faster depreciation of the Compressor. This can result in inefficient cooling output, increased maintenance and potentially higher electrical bills when compared to that of an Inverter Air Conditioner.

The R32 is one of the latest Refrigerants available, allowing for the Air Conditioner to maintain its efficiency whilst keeping electrical consumption lower than in the typical modern Air Conditioner. In addition, it has a low Global Warming Potential (GWP) and does not damage the ozone layer compared to most Air Conditioners.

Whether you buy the 1.0hp or 1.5hp Inverter is dependant on the size of the room. You may use the table below as a reference:

1.0hp Inverter: 12ft x 12ft
1.5hp Inverter: 16ft x 16ft

*There may be other factors that can affect how effective the Air Conditioner is in a room. Such factors include – but not limited to – the height of the ceiling, room orientation, number of occupants in the room and the number of windows – to name a few.

You may make a call to our Customer Care (provided below) and they will walk you through the purchasing process.

ArtiqAir Customer Care

[+60 3 7717 3030]
Operating Hours: 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM | Monday to Friday

You may contact us through:

ArtiqAir Customer Care

[+60 3 7717 3030]
Operating Hours: 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM | Monday to Friday

Product Information

This fin is a separate coating over the Compressor, located within the Air Conditioner itself. It serves a special purpose – protecting the Compressor from moisture and humidity to reduce the effects of corrosion by accelerating the defrosting process. All while being significantly more Eco-Friendly than its predecessor, the blue fin.

The Silver Ion Filter is an antibacterial film used to further filter the air emitted from the Air Conditioner. This technology utilizes Silver Ions to produce and emit fresh, clean air without emanating pollen, dust and other bacterial elements with it.

The Active Carbon Filter is a carbon activated chemical filter, widely used in a variety of Air Conditioners and other purification systems. Most commonly found in air purifiers. It helps filter the air from chemicals and bad odor.

Due to the unique design of the flaps, it allows for the Air Conditioner to provide consistent airflow in any direction (hence the name, ‘Omni-directional’). This enables the Air Conditioner to distribute the cooled air more evenly throughout the room.

A simple push of the ‘Auto-clean’ button can easily strip off dirt and other residue in the internals of the Air Conditioner. The Auto-clean takes approximately 35-40 minutes to complete and is imperative that the Customer turns off the Air Conditioner during this process.

ArtiqAir’s Energy Star Rating is 4, with 5 being the most efficient rating and 1 being the lowest. Based on the average energy consumption of the Customers, it places our Air Conditioner as more efficient than most existing Air Conditioners (percentage and statistics wise).

ArtiqAir is fitted with a Smart Sensor that can detect problems in the Air Conditioner system. This allows for both the Customer and Servicing Team to know what the exact issue is and decrease the time for the Servicing Team to find the issue

You can use the table below for reference.

Indoor Unit Display Issue
EE Indoor EE failure
E1 Indoor fan motor failure
E3 Failure of the indoor coil temperature sensor
E4 Failure of the indoor room temperature sensor
E0 Outdoor EE failure
E6 Communication failure of the indoor and outdoor machines
F5 Malfunction of the exhaust temperature sensor
F7 Failure of the outdoor coil temperature sensor
F8 Failure of the outdoor room temperature sensor
P6 Outdoor exhaust temperature overheating protection stops
P7 Refrigeration internal coil protection against freezing stops
E8 Outdoor board failure

Servicing Information

During these months, your Air Conditioner will be serviced 15 times in total with a 4 month interval between each Maintenance check. 10 of which are General Servicing and another 5 of which are Chemical. Servicing will begin 4 months after the date of Installation.

The package includes:

+ Warranty for 60 months
+ 15 Servicing Appointments
+ Standard Installation

Warranty Information

Following the completion of the Installation, the Installers are to hand over the Warranty Card to the Customer. The Installers will also run the Customer through the controls of the remote and clean up any debris left from the Installation process.

No, ownership of the warranty is not transferable.

No, the warranty for the Air Conditioner only covers damage and any other issues that are exhibited from the Air Conditioner and its internals.

Installation Guideline

After the customer’s order has been verified, our Customer Care Team will reach out to make arrangements regarding the appointment date for the Installation of the Air Conditioner.

Customers residing in Condominiums and Apartments are required to obtain a Letter of Approval from Management at least 3 days prior to Installation date. Customers are expected to pay deposits required by their own respective Management Team.

Installation working times are as follows:

Monday → Saturday
       9am → 5pm

The Standard Installation of the ArtiqAir Ez Series Inverter includes:

+ 10 ft | Copper Piping with Insulation (0.61mm)
+ 10 ft | Incoming Wiring (3C – 1.5mm)
+ 10 ft | Outgoing Wiring (4 wires -1.5mm)
+ 13A Power Plug
+ Outdoor Bracket (Normal)

There may be Out-of-scope charges during Installation depending on the Installation requirements of a Standard Air Conditioner. The ArtiqAir Ez Series Inverter comes with a Standard Installation and additional Out-of-scope expenses are affected by a few factors such as the location of the Air Conditioner. inside of the house. The list of Out-of-scope expenses can be found below:

Out-of-scope Charges:

+ Additional Wiring
+ Additional Copper Piping Insulation
+ Additional Casings
+ Water Pump
+ Dismantling Work
+ Heater Switch
+ Sky Lift Work
+ Grill Cut/Open
+ Beam Hacking

Purchasing the ArtiqAir Ez Series Inverter Air Conditioner comes with a product warranty and Rental package. Installation of the Air Conditioner will be conducted by our Installers – assigned at the discretion of the Customer Care Team as part of the Rental package.

This is subjective as it is dependent on the complexity and location of which the Unit is being installed.

The Customer will need to contact the ArtiqAir Customer Care regarding any relocation services. (provided below)

ArtiqAir Customer Care

[+60 3 7717 3030]
Operating Hours: 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM | Monday to Friday

Any and all Relocation work should be conducted by the FujiHub Team. In the instance where a Customer engages with a Third-Party to Dismantle or tamper with the Air Conditioner, the Product Warranty will be voided.


Auto-debit – deduction via customer’s credit / debit card.

You may contact our customer care team at [+603 7717 3030]

On the 1st of every month. In the event a payment transaction fails on the 1st, ArtiqAir will perform the deduction(s) until it is successful.

Payments made by customer in respect of monthly rental fees are refundable provided that there is an overpayment.

Customers may contact our sales agents or customer care at [+603 7717 3030]. Upon receiving a refund request, ArtiqAir shall process the refund within 30 days.

Other payment alternatives are currently work-in-progress.